The FIFA 19 demo promises a game that will be familiar and fun

The FIFA 19 demo promises a game that will be familiar and fun

The FIFA 19 demo promises a game that will be familiar and fun
The FIFA 19 demo promises a game that will be familiar and fun

EA Sports later launched a green carpet for everyone in FIFA 19 in September, before being teased as a demo released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Spend a few hours with it - which is quite far away to make any decisive decision, remember - we saw the biggest changes in the FIFA 19 demo in terms of gameplay, that was how AI style style is more human- And the beginning of a new alternative shooting system that has the ability to shake things.

Formerly, AI runs fast in FIFA 19 demos faster than FIFA 18, and you need to do a lot against human opponents. It shows another variation for EA Sports towards a frenetic style of football, some years ago its opponent Pro Evolution Soccer embraced it completely, though it is disappointing for Tiki-tech lovers. Of course, it is possible that this is true for large teams - Demo has some of the largest clubs in the planets like Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain - who have the players to draw it.

While we will have to wait for the full game to know that other clubs - who do not have the independence of players with highly qualified figures - play in FIFA 19, it was interesting that in FIFA 19 AI still has to score against us There is no way, there is only one clear reduction in half a dozen matches.

This brings us to the new shooting system, which is called 'timed finishing' in FIFA 19. It promotes more strength and greater accuracy for shots, headers and volleys as part of the risk versus reward system. Here's how it works: You hold the press button for power on the first press, and then you tap to activate the time finishing on the second press (low powered shot, first double tap , So it L1 + R1 + shoot). Get it right and your shot will fly in the top corner. Think of it wrong and the ball will end in the stand.

EA knows that players will need time to learn and practice timely finishing, this is the reason that the new system is also woven in FIFA trainer, which is a head-up display around the player you are controlling Hover does. If you are one of those who can play with it - seriously, who are you? - You will see a new shot timing bar on top of your player, as used in fines in the old FIFA title. This is a good way to get hang of time finishing. And if you keep the trainer off, then FIFA 1 will indicate the timing by highlighting its player triangle icon in green (good) or red (bad).

And of course, you can completely stop it from the customized control menu, where you will also offer two other alternative help: Pass block help and another defender switch icon. With the former, your AI teammates will try to stop the pass. The latter, borrowed directly from PES, displays a transparent icon on the teammate, you will get control if you press the switch player button. It also acts as an indicator of the player who will defend the teammate while activating the press.

Outside of the pitch, there are two major strategic changes in the FIFA 19 Team Management screen. The introduction of more 'game plan', which works as a very necessary upgrade for Team Mindset. While there was an option to choose from five styles in the last FIFA titles - Park Bus, defensive, balanced, attacking and all-out attack - players could not define how the team actually played. With the Game Plan in FIFA 19, you can now strategize for all five, with Park Five and All-Out Attacks, being re-branded as ultra-defensive and ultra-attaining respectively. This is another aspect that PES did earlier, although the proceeds allow only three.

Another of those changes is a modified strategy screen, which can get rid of all the 1-100 numerical toggles present for years. EA has called it 'Dynamic Tactics' since the announcement of the game and now we know what it brings to the fullest. In FIFA 19, players can choose five defensive styles like continuous pressure, dropback, balanced, heavy pressure pressure, after the challenge after the press; And capture, balanced, long ball, fast attacking four attacking styles. In addition, you can specify width and depth to protect; And width, players, corners and free-kick under attack in the box.

The FIFA 19 demo gives us the first proper look on the experience of Champions League, which will be available in full game with other UEFA licenses. In addition to a new commentary team, including Derek Rai and Lee Dixon, known for football fans in America, the Champions League brings a new broadcast package that will not miss the TV audience. And that's because UEFA has changed it for the 2018-19 season, which you have not seen because the Champions League Group stage starts only next week.

In addition to the Champions League kick-off mode, the FIFA 19 demo includes The Journey: Champions, the third and final chapter of story-based mode, a short glimpse of Alex Hunter. Although three characters will be playable throughout the game - Alex's best friend, Danny Williams, and his half-sister Kim Hunter are the other two - the demo only includes a snippet of Alex's career where he is already in Real Madrid. We were angry to know that the demo gives you control of the entire team, only as opposed to Hunter, who is a symptom of EA's fan-enthusiast developer. Of course, the whole game will allow you to choose between controlling the Hunter or the whole team.

In addition, the demo reveals some new features, including tracking detailed statistics on your matches against AI, which tells you how you are playing and what you can do better; And a tweed change-kik-menus for set pieces, which is now very easy to understand and analyze the green and red signals for comparison between players, which tells you in a quick glance Which is better or worse.

At present, the total changes in the gameplay in FIFA 1 feel minimal - time finishing feels like a gamble and will certainly be at the center of the debate, while it is very soon to tell that FIFA 18's Arcade-Y Worked on unrealistic long shots such as facets - although we will need more time to assess it. We can not wait to get our hands on the full game and share our experiences in our full FIFA 19 review.

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