Nothing to be excited about 'tie': These browns want more

Nothing to be excited about 'tie': These browns want more

Cleveland - so it was ... for Cleveland Brown, of course, what? Pittsburgh has returned 21-21 against its perennials. Better results than any better result since Christmas Eve 2016. How many teams came in the week 1, which were in the assurance of better records than last year? Just one, friends. Your Cleveland Brown
Nothing to be excited about 'tie': These browns want more
Nothing to be excited about 'tie': These browns want more

And yet, they were not happy.

Brown receiver Josh Gordon said, "It's nothing to be excited, which was the sole hold game-Taing 17-yard touchdown 1 minute of the day, were 58 seconds remaining in regulation." We are not celebrating it . We are here to win the game. This is equivalent to a loss to me. "

But for a while, at least, it felt something else. A Tantalaijing hours, James Connor back stranded along the edge of running Steelers 21-7 and were back in the race with a pair of touchdowns to send something in brown overtime, it seemed that it could be something special. The thing for which these fans have been waiting for about 21 months. A victory

Each turning point in Brown's path made the stadium pulse. When Pittsburgh kicker Chris Boswell missed the 42-yard field goal effort, then 1:47 was left overtime, the crowd cried in life. When they went three-and-a-half after their heroes, they shouted an acquaintance. When Jennard Avery sacked Ben Rothlisberger for reprimand and Schobertrecover went back to it and the 14-yard line of steelers - the sixth Steller Sport business! - You might have thought that he has won the Super Bowl.

It was indisputably this, was not it? There were 36 seconds on the clock in the field round range, and one victory is not much more than that. The players jumped and danced on the sideline. Fans put their heads in disbelief. The proxy victory was in sight.

But it was not to be. First of all, a fine pushed the beginning of the drive into a 24-yard line. Then a run that was lost in one yard, a spike to stop the clock and the field goal team on the field organized its breath as North Ohio and ... TJ Watt blocked the kick.

Exited from the air space, as you would expect, but half disappointment is a strange pull in a frustration that is used for total disappointment. The fans excited the players because they had landed off the field in the locker room, and this was certainly an appropriate effort of praise. But still ... weird

"A tie," quarterback Tyrod Taylor said, "Just have a sour taste."

It is difficult to feel after the tie. Steelers, which are easily used to kill this team twice a year, are absolutely felt that they will lose. They have the highest hopes for this season, and they are expecting to move ahead 1-0 after this game, not 0-0-1.

Brown, who had been in the last two seasons over the past 1 season and 0-16 in the previous session, is indisputably a different standard. They are working on changing it.

Brown Coach Hugh Jackson said, "I think people can see that we are a better football team." "But there are some areas that we need to clean and clean."

So how do you see it, Cleveland? Do you take a glass-half full view? Your team has forced a total of 13 turnover in the previous season and this season is already six. It is very encouraging, is not it?

Security forced chilli said, "Just have to put it all together," shaking his head and smiling.

Or do you take the glass-half-empty perspective, ruled his mourn the missed opportunities, surprised that crime why looks so seductive and sad fact is that your team and only lost 17 games without a win for your team Can you end?

"It's not last year," Peppers insisted. "It's just a whole new feeling, I can say all about it. We have 31 new people on this team, many veterans and people who have come from those places where they have proven themselves.

"0-16 You should not be hungry to win, you should always be hungry to win, we accept 0-16, we take it on chin, but it was last year, and it's a whole new one here now. We have the feeling that we have seen good things today, just keep it all together. "

Will they? Will this really be different this time? Brown was feeling good about himself in Pittsburgh's 1st week of the year - that he worked hard to the steelers and had an opportunity to beat them, and he has not won a game since then. So you can forgive Eri pessimistic lake if he does not want to see Sunday's rain-soaked tie as a sign of the coming sunny days.

But Brown is working on this, they promise. And whatever you want to say about Sunday - although you choose to feel about a tie - it is, for this team, there is really a correction.
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