Alastair Cook - His 10 Best Test Match Rankings

Alastair Cook - His 10 Best Test Match Rankings

Alastair Cook's 10 biggest Test innings ranking and evaluated
Alastair Cook's 10 biggest Test innings ranking and evaluated

Alastair Cook has announced that he will retire from international cricket next week at the end of his 161th Test. In 12 years, he was called from West Indies' A Tour to go to the center of India and joined a team losing to three Ashes winners - Michael Vaughan (knee), Simon Jones (knee) and Marcus Trescothick (stress). Were. Related illness) - In early succession, Cook has played more tests than any fellow, compared to someone else, has made the side more captain, scored 12,254 runs and scored 32 centuries and 56 half-centuries.

His best Test innings ranking is clearly a subjective process. Here's an attempt by the author to keep his biggest shift in sequence.

10. 95th India, The Rose Bowl 2014

The dismissal of Kevin Pietersen at the end of 2013-14, Ashes tour followed by the England and Wales Cricket Board's Sultan style irreversibility and subsequent snack dressing room leak provoked the summer of the Ranker with Cook, the iconic person, the leader, a roundabout Of Crackdown

Drawing in Nottingham and after losing in Lord's Lords, Cook scored 9 5 runs without a Test century for 14 months, despite the terrible Nick, were born with impressive goodwill of the crowd. There was no sandpaper at the end of his brave, streak in the middle of his bat - do not ignore us so much the courage to ride on someone's fate - and he comes out of the crowd who is more disturbed than that line Could not get enough.

Gary Balance, Ian Bell, Ji mmy Anderson and Moin Ali contributed all to victory, but Cook's abusive innings, with his own weaknesses as well as to fight the doubts of his critics, set the tone that England Enabled to turn series on.

9. 118 V South Africa, Durban, 2009

Cook's first Test century in 18 Test matches against South Africa was a stupid knock against Cook's first tough opponent, Morne Morkel, Makhaya Ntini and Dale Steyn, and who attributed the dedication of the newly appointed batting consultant Graham Gooch of England . By late strike on Spinner Paul Harris, Cook rotated the strike and disappointed the bowling with a series of balls, prods, shovels and flocks. It was a technique that created and looked at Iffi and Stan could have been forgiven for thinking completely.
But with great skill it took Grit to work with the angles and the balls started to grind until the balls were played to their powers.

8. 116th Australia, Perth, 2006

His highlight of Cook's personal favorites and a disappointing tour that England ended in tampering with the revenge on Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee, Stuart Clark and Shane Warne's bowling attack for 2005 - and all four Ricky Ponting, Michael Hussey and Matthew Hayden et al. Cook made his fourth Test century in his 12th Test, the ball was working in a great way through the ball and nothing was going through the point.

This was the first time in the summer of summer that his remarkable indecision to change the temperature for the first time was revealed to himself and his strongness against Warne at 21 years of age, closure on his 700th Test wicket and McGrath's remarkable 500 in reply to 500 Was there. . Even he could not stop Australia from getting the Ashes back, but the 169 partnership with Ian Bell demonstrated that metal compared to a lot of emotional excitement, which he used to disturb the return of England four years later. Will do

7. 105 V Pakistan, Old Trafford, 2016

A rare twist in which in which he scored fast, after the bed, fast bowler Yasir Shah got off-spinner through the offside and helped England recover from the defeat in the opening Test. As his last and 11th Test century, England's captain was hit with 15 boundaries and he was fast bowling fast at the fast pace to reach three figures before tea and he remained top in the second innings, Monkey scored 76 runs with 78 balls on his ball. Turn the screw

He made 185 runs in 18 overs with 18 runs in the 18th over and his partner proceeded to make a magnificent 254 runs, which increased the feeling during the batting batting side while passing through each other as the main batsman.

6. 104 * Vs India, Nagpur, 2006

Cook went from Antigua to Nagpur in 11 times zone, on a third day a journey started, so that Marcus would be out of the tour with a disease related to Trescothic stress. Taking three and three-fourths of his time in the first innings, spent more than six times to spend more than 60, in which he scored 104 runs in second place with 125 runs for Kevin Pietersen, for 13 centuries partnership for England The first eight years of mainstream batting of Chak-end-Paneer batting

Harbhajan Singh threw a seater on the leading edge of Cook when the openers were 70 runs and they marked their return by putting three more fours in the off-spinner, so that they became so familiar that they slapped the boundaries between the point and cover Can kill

5. 118 V Sri Lanka, Gale, 2007

On opening the batters, the decision on the blue suede shoes is generally decided - "one for the money, two for the show" - but some of Cook's finest have come in second innings and no one can match-saving In comparison, England, who were dismissed for 81 runs in Galle, could not score more solidness, skill and stubbornness in comparison to the 418 runs behind Sri Lanka, with three days and six more sessions to pursue. Hane was asked to. Rain stopped after rain, but England were broken but for Cook, especially when Muttiah Muralitharan scored 200 runs for five wickets for five wickets in the fifth over on the fifth morning.

Playing Muralitharan backwards by covering four boundaries, he followed six hours and 20 minutes to make his seventh Test century ... before the 23rd birthday.

4. 110 V Pakistan, Oval, 2010

Despite an intercourse and education that gives him tickets in the form of Gentry, Cook's ideas of batting emphasize his Yemen disturbances and understanding. But between 2009-10, he tried to be more conservative and vast in his range of stroke and built two centuries in Bangladesh in this new vein. Until the summer of 2010, however, they were thrown in a technical mess against Mohammed Amir and Mohammad Asif's swing - they tried to stop their movement, they found that they had lost their bearings and straightened their feet You can not whip up the balls directly or decide with confidence that where his off stump was.

After making only 47 runs out of his first five innings in the series, and criticizing the danger of leaving for the Ashes tour, he decided that if he wants to go down, then he can do the same with himself The old cheezing technique, which limited them to score with a vertical bat with flicks and drives, and those horizontally forcing shots with a horizontal blade He shot on both sides of the wicket, he scored 110 runs in the second innings at Oval. Without it, '766 and all that', in 31 years, would never have been the basis of the only victorious Ashes campaign away.

3. 294 vs India, Edinstone, 2011

If Brisbane produced 'Daddy hundred', Cook's advisor Gooch made 710 runs in Cook's 294 for seven wickets, an innings that lasted less than 13 hours for seven minutes, was 'Father of Dad'. He often whipped Indian seamers through Midwicket and turned them on the offside behind the crossroads that there were two abusive bulbs spokesmen in their wagon wheel.

In spite of welcoming the personal, career records, Cook always kept the team first and so it was reasonable that his huge achievement - the highest innings in the 116-year Test in Birmingham - which led England to number one in the Test rankings And till now only time.

2. 235 * V Australia, Brisbane, 2010

Cook, with 67 runs in the first innings, was on crease for more than 10 hours after performing his fluent form and scored 188 runs with Andrew Strauss to score 329 with Jonathan Trott. Given that England started the second innings of 221 in Gabbaroir and with the fear of the same old captchaulation, Cook's continued positive innings was a symbol of England's self-confidence and fighting spirit.

So he clearly punished Mitchell Johnson that the self-assurance of Australia's most destructive bowler was separated, a cruel song became omnipresent, and Johnson took years to recover. In the victory over Adelaide and Sydney, an unbeaten 148 and superb 189 gave him the prize of the series and received a highly respected recognition as one of the five Wisden Cricketers.

1. 196 vs India, Kolkata, 2012

Captain and the third Test in the fifth Test in the fifth Test in fifth century in the fifth century, during the fifth century in five years, Cook's accomplishment, during his golden honeymoon, Strauss tasted after full-time tenure, away from the distraction of spinners of India And one appears to be that an old man suddenly disclosed that his name was Jean Kelly, which is amazing that his legs are in Sprained use should be broken for them sixteen straight.

Under 1-0, Cook's 122 in Mumbai and an eight-hour knock in Kolkata established England to move England 2-1 ahead with a match. For one year, Peterson lacked his facility and the team was ready to get the Summit until they reached Brisbane in November 2013 and separated.
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