The Predator is awesome when it's fun, fun when it's awesome

The Predator is awesome when it's fun, fun when it's awesome

After a year after Shane Black (Iron Man 3), he played a supporting role in Arnold Schwarzenegger's predator, co-writer of the Sci-Fi Action Horror series and as the director of the latest installment, The Predator, this week out . An interesting alternative to the Black franchisee, which has never wavered from its original self-critical, machismo tone, because it is known for filling in black comedy, throwing gags and moments of awkwardness in their action films. (Case In case: Kiss Bang Bang bangle, and Leethal weapon.) And he attempts to corrupt The Predator on those qualities, which are now odd with endless violence, trying to adopt style conventions of the 80's Hollywood action. One-liner does business in movies, which sometimes comes in the form of a desire to become a hunter parody.
The predator movies
The predator 

On the surface, there were some good ideas for the black approach to the hunter. Action movies that take themselves very seriously, can use a little light heart, provided you commit it properly: support it well with round, faithful characters and an interesting plot, which is set Has been added with set pieces that innovate on it first, in a nutshell, execute it properly. But the film flies in every aspect, so that perhaps Black would like to think again about the 10 rules kept for good action films in 2009. And this year after the studio, the full third act of Fox started again in July this year, behind the poor test screening. Although the hunter is not just worth your time or monetary investment, this secret science theater will make a great choice for the people in 3000.

There are many reasons for this that none of these work does not work as intended. For one, the hunter is quickly ending from the start, before one moment can be appreciated before being stacked three times before. Damage things, script is a mess that throws many thoughts into Blender and does not know what he wants to be. And occasionally, the film does not span the moment, almost as if one forgets to shoot the connective tissue in the middle. It all comes together to rubbish together, which is included in action-movie trops that wants to mimic it - there is a depressing use of CGI and there is no cure for the weakness of the human body - and regular forms Fails to be funny, instead of laughing with the characters and the film, you are laughing laugh.

Set in the present time, the hunter opens with a small alien spacecraft, which is being chased extensively. The former comes out through a worm, and it crashes the earth on Earth, before that a secret mission by a U.S. soldier has been canceled, which has become Queen McKenna (Boyd Holocaure from Narcos). In the resulting chaos, a hunter kills the unit of Quinn, but he avoids the surviving hunter gear in any way and escapes, which he immediately returns home, before he leads the Will Treasure (Stirling's Brown) Is caught by a secret government organization, it is from us). Meanwhile, Casey Bracket, a biologist (X-Men: Apocalypse and Olivia Mune from The Newsroom) has been brought to study an occupied hunter.

It is here that black humor begins to come in the Predator, because it raises the problem with the title of the series title. After flying in the Remote Research Lab, Casey is greeted by Treasure, who tells him that he named it 'hunter' because it enjoys catching his prey (we are human, human). Biologist interacts to say that they feel wrong because anyone who enjoys it will be a sports hunter like a bass fisherman. Although Treasure sees his point, but he says that 'hunter' is a "cooler" for the vocal agreement of doctors in the room. The conversation between the two is like a stupid discussion between franchise fans.
The Predator is awesome when it's fun, fun when it's awesome
The Predator is awesome when it's fun, fun when it's awesome

Of course, as a film of this nature, "hunter" comes out soon, such as Quinn - which was considered mentally inappropriate by the Treasure, to wrap things up - comes in the research facility with a group of Misfits. , All former soldiers affected by one side or any other way in PTSD. It includes Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Kigon-Michael Ki (Kei Peel), Thomas Jane (The Expense), Alfie Allen (The Game of Thrones), and Augusto Aguilera. All of them have unknown roles that the actor will also want to forget. Meanwhile, back home, Quinn's autistic son Rory McCaina (Jacob Trombale from the room) opens the hunter gear sent to his father, and soon finds advanced foreign technology, which his mother Emily (Yvonne Strařovský, the handmade tail From) are unaware of

In addition to throwing in features that there is no time to treat neurons or comedies - in addition to torrett's syndrome, PTSD and autism - the predatory characters and conspiracy incidents have been described as dangerous in the best form. A few minutes after being introduced as a biologist, how is he jumping on buses and trying to take the hunter down with a hunter gun. In the meantime, Rory learns the hunter language which looks like an hour or more. Later in the film, the boy draws a map that indicates an important place, and when Treasure & Company arrives there by helicopter the same night, then the team has enough equipment on the ground to set up at least one day Looks like.

And when the film finally writes in a corner, it wears the defiance of logic in the form of a badge of honor. A group of humans was killed with the hunter and with the rest, it appears that others are decided to begin the beginning of a few minutes instead of wishing to destroy a spaceship, which they will follow in the beginning of the film was doing. This creates zero narrative meaning, except that Black is allowed to designate the final moments of the film in the surrounding forest, which is clearly to highlight the memories and serve as a tribute to Schwarzenegger Origin is used to.

The efforts of the hunter in black humor and action horror mix gave results in a weird toonal imbalance, where what is considered as funny land - or worse, which should be serious is fun. One part of this is that the film does not give any importance to violence, in which a person is afraid of the dead characters, then goes after two seconds as nothing has happened. And also does not allow necessary breaks for its perennial moments, as is the case of a major death in the last third, which is on the screen, so that you can remember it.

In doing all this, the film ruins good actors - Brown and Strařovský, among them, is so complex in the service of a conspiracy that you really need the characters that you are doing so that you can walk together . Of course, this is not like any case; The authors have to be thrown into thoughts, they are not interested in further development, in which humans have to cause their own fall because the predators are traveling more often. A sequence teasing has also been thrown out for good measure, in which Black has introduced a foreign body suit named Predator Killer, although we hope the film is not enough that Fox feels confident in defeating any sequence.

Following its premiere in the 2018 ongoing Toronto International Film Festival last week, it has been stuck in the Preduter's run-up dispute for release, due to the fact that a registered sex offender - the friend of Black - was put into the film During the filming with the scene, the director chooses not to inform anyone. (He has apologized.) Munan learned the truth about the situation last month, told the studio, who decided to remove the scene completely. It is a shame that they could not do this with the rest.
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