This Bangalore-based startup is using AI to bring 'Cloud Clinic' to your phone

This Bangalore-based startup is using AI to bring 'Cloud Clinic' to your phone

The market of Healthcare Startup is still in a neonatal stage in India, although early entrants like Practo and 1 Meghwa received some traction thanks to the wider network of partners and the growing number of smartphone users in the country. These apps have grown their network on a large scale by partnering with personal health professionals. But the Bengal-based Mafin has a different plan.
This Bangalore-based startup is using AI to bring 'Cloud Clinic' to your phone
This Bangalore-based startup is using AI to bring 'Cloud Clinic' to your phone

In February last year, Maitrin is co-founded by Ashutosh Lawnia and former Mitra Business Head Prasad Complex, Mafin is collaborating with hospitals and health care institutions. And as a trend, startup says that it is also using its in-house AI algorithm to strengthen its offerings.

"We focus on bringing trustworthy, reputable and high quality hospitals in digital space and there is no market for individual doctors." Our AI-powered technology system can scale quality care and it can reach millions, about people. Both of these aspects have made us very unique in the way of making a mfin as a technology-led, consumer experience-focused business. "

"We are making the most sophisticated healthcare delivery channels for primary and secondary care - a category we call a cloud clinic," he said further. "Claude Clinic is always designed to provide the highest quality care from the best of on-demand service and from the best in health care."

The idea is to solve and find some inherent challenges in the Indian Health Service Sector. According to a recent report by NASSCOM, India has a low density of skilled health professionals, of which there are 27.5 professionals per 10,000 population. Compabli underlined that there is a low doctor-patient ratio of 1: 500 in India, if we leave the latest graduate MBBS doctors, 30% of which are without access to Indian primary healthcare facilities. It has also been noted in the NASSCOM report that there is an important division between cities and remote areas, and 62.4 percent health care expenses are coming from patients' pockets. All this brings the necessity of a simple healthcare platform.

"Technology is the only practical solution that is capable of being able to cope with a reduced doctor-patient ratio, mainly out-of-pocket expenses and the lack of access to quality care," says Kamply. "We are making a system where quality health care can be used on demand from anywhere."

Initially, Mafin is working with 35 health care institutes in Bengaluru, which has brought 75 doctors and 12 specialties. There are names like CloudNine, Femient Health and Astor CMI Hospital, which currently provide advice on demand in general medical, pediatric, dermatology, gynecology, dietetics, orthopedics, reproduction, cardiology, pulmonology, and farms through mafin. Are available to general Surgery. In the first six months of its launch, Startup organized more than 10,000 consultations through its platform, which can be accessed through the Mphin app on Android and iOS devices. The app claims that more than 25,000 users have already served all over India, although this forum currently has hospitals and healthcare institutes from Bangalore.

Mafin says that it is only a partner with hospitals and institutions who have NABH certification and individual doctors need to practice for at least 10 years.

The Muffin App allows patients to choose the hospital and doctor with whom they want to talk. Patients can video counseling or chat directly with doctors. In addition, the Mfine app allows patients to upload images, past medical records and prescriptions. It additionally helps patients to store their medical history and sets a reminder for medicines for better compliance with given prescriptions. While the process of receiving patient data is similar to other platforms, Mafin says that it is using AI and machine learning efforts to help doctors diagnose and treat.

"As data sources of AI systems, we use global standards in symptoms, patient science, literature, and research data, and most importantly, all interactions, data and references captured on Muffin" Discloses Compilation. "We are able to create a standard reference system for doctors in every specialty, which is operated by combining well-established medical protocols and algorithms of our teaching system. The same expert system for giving strength to the experience on the consumer app Is also used, follow-up reminders based on structured and intuitive data collections, signs and symptoms, and old-fashioned Reminder for caring protocol execution. "

With user data used to learn machine data, what about privacy? Complement says, "Patient data is encrypted and secure." "The ownership is completely patient and the doctor needs his consent. All of our internal algorithms are only required on anonymous data and the algorithms used to work to improve the experience of the patient and the doctor. We do not have a business model [which involves selling data] and intended to use data for any other purpose. "

Digital Assistant dedicated to doctors and wearable substances for patients

Since data is the key to any AI-based system, Compilie Information tells that in the beginning, Mafin found it as a challenge to reach good data, but eventually the journey started with some public domain data and its Original algorithms made available in journals and other publications. The executive says, "We use standard medical terminology, knowledge bases and protocols based on base basis, we have created our education system."

To verify the operation of AI supported system, Mafin has a team of 20 doctors. The in-house team of doctors also helps in maintaining the product and preparing different models for advance data collection.

In addition to using AI as an integral part of your platform, Mafin is building a dedicated digital assistant to help doctors. Compilation has been highlighted, "Unlike any general digital assistant, our digital assistant is very domain-specific." "Assistant understands various diseases and helps doctors to thoroughly examine patients, being a text-based assistant, it helps doctors to get their input as a case file, so when one If the patient is saying that he has a fever or throat pain, then the assistant assistant is asking the patients about the symptoms. He can ask the patient whether you have cough or high temperature also. Based on your answers, assistant understands that problems may happen. "

Mafin is aiming to go beyond the smartphone and use wearable items to provide continuous monitoring and active care for patients. Compali said, "We will be integrated with all the wearer substances, especially those people who record certain medically relevant data such as heart rate and high blood pressure." "We will build the ability to read such data from the devices and store in patient health records in the app."

Mafin is ready to use various wearable substances such as smartwatch and fitness band to bring the next wearable health care service. Compilie Information tells that the startup wants to be on the platform, including the screens of watch. However, he disclosed that the initial model which will reach the experimental phase at the end of this year, will be restricted to some glucometer and devices measuring high blood pressure and other capitals.

Reach expansion
Going forward, Mafin is targeting to expand its hospital network and its goal is to be partners in five Indian cities by the end of this year. While exact cities are yet to be decided, Kompally insists that startup is targeting some of the Metro and Tier-I cities like Delhi, Gururgram, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune, but hospitals There is no plan to get from any level. For at least next six months in second and tier cities or small towns and rural areas.

Mafin raised $ 4.2 million (about Rs 29.4 crore) in May in a series A round led by Prime Venture Partners with existing investors, including Stearris Venture Partners and Healthcare entrepreneur Mayur Abhay in May. The company says that funds are being used for marketing, business development, technology and new talent for recruitment. Startup is also to hire a PhD in various aspects of AI to further increase its platform. Apart from this, the team which has 60 people's headquarters, is looking to add engineers who can develop a rich mobile interface. Compilation has concluded, "We will expand the attributes that we will present and prepare a broader care platform for the Mephin families and individuals."
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