Salt and Sanctuary Nintendo Switch Review

Salt and Sanctuary Nintendo Switch Review

Salt and Sanctuary for the Nintendo Switch hits the half breed comfort two years after its PS4, PS Vita, and PC discharge. It is a 2D action platform that lends liberally to Dark Souls. Made by Ska Studios, who have been in charge of some Xbox 360 outside the box works of art like Charlie Murder and The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, Salt and Sanctuary takes after the engineer's tense, brutal plan stylish and highlights hand-drawn characters.
Salt and Sanctuary Nintendo Switch Review
Salt and Sanctuary Nintendo Switch Review

Like most games inspired by the Dark Souls, Focus in salt and Sanctuary is on the exploration and combat rather than the story tale. Definitely, there is a conspiracy of one type, which has put you in the ship on an island in search of a princess, but it is an excuse to tamper with an island full of horrific darkness and an island full of cursed monuments Does. Where it is different from its inspiration, it is in traversal. There are some platforming sections and your progress is not only dependent on your fighting skills, but in your ability to fill the specs. Apart from that, there is some difference in the battle between salt and sanctuary, which allows you to add enemies to the wind while they are allowed to throw in bits like Devil May Cry Games and there are some capacities that you can easily pass through the air. Gives you

Although these decorations refresh some things, they also carry all the familiar fighting system. Like the dark spirits, you have to expect when the attack, when to do the peri, and of course, when you thank you for the complex animations of your character, then you can hit the air before hitting a blow or removing the hit. Required. You will collect salt, which will help you get to the level, and use the sanctuaries - like you will use the bonefire in Dark Souls to upgrade your abilities. By dying you lose all your accumulated salts and items and you can recover them after hitting the enemy for the first time. In all these results the result in gameplay is similar to that of Dark Souls, which is not a bad thing.

In addition, you can populate the sanctuaries with merchants and blacksmiths, so that you can get better gear while playing. Throw in a skill tree that is not even a full set of original magic with the spherical grid of Final Fantasy X, as well as with the ability to independently upgrade weapon and armor, Turning around is enough to progress through the world.

However, salt and sanctuary are not without its failures. No map is easy to lose, with the design of your 2D spreading level. Apart from this, there is very little information on character classes. Out of any knowledge of warriors, knights and mages, the lack of details makes it difficult for newcomers to decide what to choose. Also, in handheld mode, the text of the game is slightly smaller. However, it is not a problem while playing in Dock mode on a large screen. And this does not help those cases which seem to be too small using the Joint Con-button Pro Controller of the Nintendo Switch Essentially.

As it may be a derivative sound, salt and sanctuary have a pleasant romance on the Nintendo switch for their enjoyable encounter. Despite some concerns it is good enough to check it. With the disappearing in action with dark souls for the Nintendo Switch, salt and Sanctuary is a pleasant way to cure your spirits.


● Looks gritty

● Polished bout

● Multiple Progress Path


● No map

● Game text is too small in handheld mode

● There may be more information in character classes

Rating (of 10): 8

This game is available at just $ 17.99 (about Rs 1,238) via Steam, PS Store, and Nintendo EShop. Later this year, Leiden will be available as a physical cartridge on the Nintendo Switch through Games.
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