How Apple Indian artists are attracting developers to increase their presence

How Apple Indian artists are attracting developers to increase their presence

While iPhone sales are facing strong headwinds in India, Appliances should have a better fortune to promote Indian talent on services like apple music and app store. "Hundreds" of Indian artists have gained popularity through efforts like Herne It First (HIHF) and New Artist Spotlight on Apple Music. Likewise, a large number of local developers are leveraging the app store, which has paid developers $ 100 billion (about 6.97 lakh crore) to developers across the world after launching in July 2008, so that they can build their own business Can. Recently, during the media briefing in Guam, All Information caught up with some of these successful stories.
How Apple Indian artists are attracting developers to increase their presence
How Apple Indian artists are attracting developers to increase their presence

Music Composer Karan Mehta says, "One of the key things to attract artists about apple music is customer base." "In the case of demographics, it is very diverse, secondly, there is a curated playlist. Before that, the traditional way of getting your record was to go through radio or MTV, but now, Apple Playlist Radio and MTV are the first. Hear people listen to new music and listen to which playlist is running on it, defines whether it is good or not, which is a huge flavor . "

Mehta is one of the prominent artists who are working closely with the Apple Music Team to bring local taste on the board. He recently came to the news for the Bollywood song "Tareefan", which was released in June in the movie Veer de Wedding, which was released in June.

Similarly, how Mehta sees the apple music as a useful platform for young artists, singer and songwriter Ankur Tiwari believes that human curation helps in offering apples to the crowd. Emphasizing 41-year-old Tiwari, "Apple Music has got a very old school, its human touch." "Looks like you have gone to a record store, and the record store owner is also giving you suggestions that you should listen and listen, it is not as easy as you go to other platforms. It is very oriented in the machine. Case. "

Tiwari says that most other music streaming platforms push music for you based on your playback history, likewise Facebook has suggested to friends on your platform. "But with the Apple Music, I am receiving music which I can not like or maybe I can fall in love with it. That's why surprise element, or we can call it only human element, which is what I call all the apple products It sounds like you are not talking to machines, "he said further.

The 26-year-old Nikhita Gandhi, whose voice is behind the item song "Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe", which recently became viral in India with over 27 million views on YouTube, believes that Apple Music indie provides space to artists. Who are struggling for recognition.

The Cupertino company recently partnered with Radio City to bring a weekly show, 'Apple Music Top 25' featuring Apple's Top 25 Most Streamed Songs on Apple Music. The show also offers interviews of local artists every Saturday and in addition to the most popular songs. Apart from this, Apple's music has supported more than 40 special releases in India, with its own 'It First (HIHF)' and 'New Artistic Spotlight Programs'.

Underlining Gandhiji, "What is lacking in India is that the publication location is not very well defined, as we have labels but publishers and record labels do not behave like this in foreign countries." "This is one thing that many artists get embarrassed away from the label and stay away from their work. First of all, they [label] can not like it because it is not enough commercial and secondly, if They like it, they want intellectual property, so we can say that they want to become artists as well as publishers. "

On the other hand, the apple team is really well-defining that role because they are working with Bollywood actors along with indie artists and this is a mix. "It's good that everyone is in one place. It also gives a different taste how music will be accepted in India as a change is happening in which all the musicians are excited about it. "

Last week, Gandhi released his first non-Bollywood single on Friday music called "Humshakals". She says, "I am working on my solo songs along with my Bollywood songs, and they [the Apple Music Team] heard it and liked it."

Apart from giving a platform to emerging artists like Gandhi to easily publish their music, apple music helps new faces sit with legends. Palash Bhise aka Splash, who was shown as part of New Artist Spotlight, said that Apple's brand value helps young singers to become popular. Says Brother, "I have originally come from being a sound cloud artist and are a very specific spectator." "I have excluded songs that my mother probably should not listen, so I have come from there, and suddenly I became this boy who is with XXXTentacion and Russ - all these people whom I see. But an apple logo sees everything, everything suddenly becomes so legal. "

Apple music is available in more than 100 countries globally and provides a list of more than 45 million songs on a subscriber base of more than 50 million subscribers. These numbers are actually enough to compete against Amazon music and engaging music streaming services like Google Play Music, Gaana, and Saavn, which are the other major players in the online music streaming market in India. The creators talk about that there is an apple music between the crowd.

Gandhi says, "When you try to listen to your music, many corporate people tell you that we listen to your creation and give you a response, but they are not really musicians." "It's okay because you want a response from those people who are not musicians, but if this acceptance ticket is not for a musician, then it is a strange thing."

Tiwari says, "When you are singing, you want people to listen to it." "You do not want bots, it's also important that with a forum like Apple Music, feedback comes from an honest place, it does not come from commercial space, some of which you agree or disagree with it, But any feed coming from any honest place is very good. "

How does apple music help generate revenue for young artists, Tiwari says that it is not about revenue for artists, it is about respect. "For us, it is very important that we are unhappy to say this before, but it should be respected here," he says. "Otherwise, you do not respect artists in most of the places where you perform. As an artist, the most important thing is that you are getting very good revenue but if you do not have an honor as an artist If it is given, then it does not make any sense. "

In addition to paying more attention to Hindi content, Apple Music has 14 local radio stations, which are a combination of popular local languages ​​such as Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali as well as the music of 90 different Bollywood era radio stations. Telugu romance, and Hindustani classical, among others. Apple had tied up with ARM Rahman's music school, KMC, in October for setting up a MacOS lab in Chennai and the upcoming campus in Mumbai. Labs will basically enable understudies to make music utilizing Logic Pro X. Aside from this, Apple is likewise supporting full-time music grant for 10 understudies from the denied foundation.

Apple is ready to pursue the user experience on apple music like features such as Artist Page, Top 100 Sections, and Friends Mix which will be available with the release of iOS 12, which is expected sometime next month.

Local iOS development is getting better and bigger

How successful it has been to attract indie artists and Bollywood talent, so Apple is also influencing the app to use its platforms and tools to bring developers interesting content on the board. App accelerator was announced in Bangalore in May 2016 and a big part was played to empower the local developers, finally launched in April. Modified App Store, where the iPhone manufacturer also provides a curated experience for local audiences, has helped highlight the best apps coming out of the country. For example, Apple had used India's Independence Day earlier this month to show the local app and game that has created its place among users.

99 Shams, the creators of Star Chef, who are known as India's most monetized games, have seen some significant advantages in making games for iOS on Android with the launch of a fabulous chef. "When it comes to ARPPU (average payment per user average) as well as overall conversion rate, then it is slightly higher on iOS," VP of the game Shilpa Bhat, 99 games, Gadgets 360 explains. "Similarly, uninstall rates are very low on iOS on Android."

99Games has used the Unity engine, which enables cross-platform game development, for excellent chefs targeted in women aged 20 and 55 years. Gameplay is also similar to Android and iOS, however, the game has a bunch of iOS-exclusive features such as Apple Watch Companion app, image stickers, auto-renewable subscriptions, and game center integration.

Compared to Google Play Store, the Apple App Store does not support the same variety of payment methods in India, because Google's shop allows you to pay by mobile wallet like petm, net banking and even your carrier. Gives. Meanwhile, the App Store allows users to pay through their credit / debit card or use existing Apple idlens to buy a new app or game. However, the payment method limit to Bhat is not seen as a major problem. "IOS offers us more premium users who do not use their credit or debit cards to make purchases through app stores. In this way we are not seeing much of the payment constraints on iOS."

Unlike 99Gams which does not separate the overall experience on Android and iOS devices, Menaata is providing an advanced reality (AR) based shoe size finder specifically for its customers using iOS devices. The online fashion store has taken advantage of the ARC to solve the problem of customers to find the perfect fit shoes. SVP Sharath Bulusu in Mitra says, "To increase the increased reality, you have to solve one of the scientific problems, understand the dimensions of things in the real world." "We have said that O people are using it for the game and for the fun experience, can we use it to solve the problem in fashion? You need the length of your feet so that you are the best for yourself With good ARKit it can be easy to choose good shoes. "

Moving forward, Mitra is looking to use the same technique to measure the length of his feet, but also the height of shoulder, chest, waist and hips, to give the best fit applicants to its customers. But there are some challenges in the way. One such challenge is that when people are likely to start using their bare feet to measure their size to buy a new pair of shoes, they can not be expected to do this for their entire body. , Or even skin-tight clothing can not be expected to wear, get an accurate measurement.

Bululu told All Information, "We are making some models for this." Suppose that someone is wearing clothes, we will take the edge of the fabric. But in that case, how can we recognize the shape of that real body? We have models who wear clothes and stand there and we shoot them. Then we shoot them with bare shoulders or tight clothing from the skin and by this, we get accurate dimensions. By wearing clothes, we get a bigger dimension. But since now we are both, we can create a machine learning model that says to a completely new person that I look at the type of clothing like cotton or wool, what dimensions should I find for the shoulders And what should be the best suitable size "

After all, Minaata will also deploy Google's ARC to bring a similar experience for Android. But Bulusu says that the experience on ARRC is limited to only a few devices, unlike ARCT which supports devices starting from the iPhone SE and fifth-generation iPad on the iPhone X and iPad Pro. With ARC, the benefit to us was an experience that we can only build and test and go into the market and try with real users and see if it works or not, "says executive , "We can certainly see that the people who use our ARCAT operated shoe size finder, their return rate is low. "

Apple's ARKIT is not only helping to limit its return rates of the MENATA, the API Tool Kerala-based Teresis Games is also empowering the immersive experience on the SpaceWire Rebellion developed by Kochi. There is a team of three in the Indie Studio that used ARC 1.0 to create an additional terrestrial infinite war game, which is so special to iOS. After the CEO Bonnie Raju, the game was conceptualized in app accelerator and two other friends participated in a section on the ARCT.

Raju told All Information, "In App Accelerator in Bangalore, we had a section on ARKIT." We then thought of making the game from AR. We are like all Marvel fans, so we have explored the space-based topic. We want to separate something from other games. Most AR games are like table-top games and do not provide a complete AR experience where gamers can be immersive in the game. "

Prototype of the SpaceWire Rebellion was built within eight weeks of the beginning of the original idea and then the team went to App Accelerator to get support from Apple Experts. Raju recalls, "He has given some good feedback about the game, like how the game can be presented to the global audience and how to make the player immersive in the game." "We initially created a dull tutorial, but the app accelerator team helped us add an intuitive tutorial that came with the gameplay. He taught us how to make the tutorial interesting for the game because any long Till the time the tutorial is not interested in reading. "

Like the SpaceWire Rebellion Team, App Accelerator has helped thousands of developers after launch. Forgizadia, Mitra, Faitos, and Fantastic Chef are among those who have benefited from app accelerator, which is open to all the registered iOS developers of the country. In particular, manufacturers of a simple, no-nonsense calculator Calgie 3 for the iPhone and iPad won the Apple Design Award at WWDC earlier this year. This was India's first app that was recognized in the Apple Design Awards, which is an annual event that takes place during the conference of Apple developers.

Traceres Games' Raju and his colleagues have no plans to use ARCOR to bring the SpaceWire Rebellion in the near future. The reason behind following ARKIT is limited support from ARC, which Manra had told. However, Traceres Games is already working on deploying ARKET 2.0 to bring the multi-player gaming experience to their title.
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