Google is being investigated by the White House after Trump, it charges twenty-two

Google is being investigated by the White House after Trump, it charges twenty-two
Google is being investigated by the White House after Trump, it charges twenty-two

Google is being investigated by the White House after Trump, it charges twenty-two

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday denounced Google's web search tool to advance negative news articles and shroud their "reasonable media" scope, without giving confirmation or guarantee to determine the circumstance without giving points of interest of the circumstance Was there.

Trump Attack Against Alphabet Unit Social media holds fast to a progression of dissensions against innovation organizations including Twitter and Facebook, in which they have blamed the traditionalist voices to quiet down, and Amazon.com, which they say is private companies Are hurting and are profited from ideal manages US Postal Services. He frequently purchases a news outlet for what he considers as an unseemly scope.

Google denied any political bias saying that its search engine "is not used to determine political agenda and we do not bias our results towards any political ideology."

Trump said in several tweets on Tuesday that Google search results for "Trump News" were "harsh" against them because they showed only coverage from shops like CNN, and not with conservative publications, it was suggested that the practice was illegal.

Trump said at the Oval office on Tuesday, "I think Google is actually taking advantage of our people." "Google, and Twitter and Facebook, they are actually running on a very troubled area, and they have to be careful, it is not appropriate for a large part of the population."

Facebook declined to comment. When asked for feedback, Twitter did not comment. In Congress testimony, the two companies have refused to join partisan censorship.

Neither Trump nor the White House have used legal justification for testing Google or what will happen below.

Trump's economic adviser Larry Cuddlo later told reporters that the White House was "putting a glance" on Google and saying that the administration would "do some investigation and some analysis" without providing information.

At the beginning of this summer, Federal Trade Commission, Joseph Simmons's new Republican chair said that the agency will monitor big tech companies that dominate the Internet. In the past examination, FTC chose that Google was legitimized in building up an inquiry work which would hurt different organizations.

June Democrat's June representative representative Keith Ellison asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Google's alleged anticompetitive behavior in online search and advertising markets.

Congress sources cautioned that trump can be hard to discover any approach to examine Google about news list items, and Congress is probably not going to cross any material law.

In a tweet directed at Trump, a member of the Democrat Congress Ted Liu said in a tweet that such restrictions on Google will violate the American Constitution: "If the government tried to direct the free speech algorithm of private companies, then the courts would take it nanosecond Will kill you. "

Shares of the alphabet closed 0.8 percent down at $ 1,245.86.

Media Criticism of Trump
While the exact science behind Google Search has been kept secret, its basic principles are widely known with various factors measured by the company's algorithm.

The factors used by Google to determine which websites are first appearing in search results include how often this page is linked to other sites, the use of keywords, the popularity and respect of the news site, And the personal browsing history of the person searching.

Extremely smuggled and cited websites like CNN.com and NYTimes.com, the most frequent goal of Trump, are often seen in search results.

Trump is accused of bias on Google's part because social media companies have suspended accounts, some users have been banned and removed content as they face police overseas publicity and counterfeit accounts from the US Congress. , Which aims to obstruct American politics, including operations related to Iran. And Russia. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have also been suppressed for conspiracy-driven content and to overcome disgusting speeches. Technical companies have said that they do not remove content for political reasons. Some Republican American MPs have raised worries about web based life organizations about the expulsion of substance from some traditionalist individuals, and have approached Twitter Chief Executive Officer to give prove before the House of Representative Panel on September 5.

Earlier this month, Alphabet's YouTube joined Apple and Facebook in content removing from website Infowars, sponsored by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones was temporarily suspended on Twitter.
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