YouTube has been criticized for showing horror horror movie ads that the viewer could not click away from

YouTube has been criticized for showing horror horror movie ads that the viewer could not click away from
YouTube has been criticized for showing horror horror movie ads that the viewer could not click away from

The YouTube advertisement starts with the volume sign, its familiar white bar dance is finally left before the switch is finally muted. For a second, there is only muted sign against black background. And then, all of a sudden, nervousness in the habit of a nun, with zombie face tampered with the viewer.

The jump-end advertisement was over in a moment, but it is obvious that it is shocking for many people who have seen it that their complaints reached YouTube, who decided to take it down.

Merid Twitter and Reddit users complained:
1) Have to see an unwanted ad that interrupts watching their YouTube videos, and
2) Seeing a YouTube video has a heart attack in the morning hours.

130,000 times has been tweeted again Sunday, "I advise you to remove the volume and / or RT to save life if you worry or just jump straight."

YouTube responded to that tweet on Monday, stating that it has removed the ad because it violates the "shocking content policy" of the video sharing website.

Google is the parent company of YouTube, advertising policies that consider it to be shocking content. Ads that contain "horrible or disgusting imagery" and the platform "is unlikely to shock or fear" is not allowed. Some examples: crime scenes or accident photos; Performance video; And images of blood, throat, and gore.

A jump scary technique is usually a technique used in horror movies. For several seconds, the character sees or listens anything, and then suddenly, some or some are visible from the back, or in the nearby mirror.

Screenwriter C. Robert Kargil told Verge, "A good jump is a scary magic spell." "This is' I'm going to bring you here to see this, and then not from anywhere - balm! - something is going to get you."

Junk-scary is also an old school internet mischief that was synonymous with tolling during the mid-2000s forums. Despite everything it exists - YouTube watchers have most likely faltered into a feed-and-switch video, or have seen one of the numerous response recordings where individuals are liable to some most exceedingly awful tilt on the camera. But an advertisement of a major motion picture company is an unexpected place to pop up for these heads.

The story of a novice Nun and a priest "Noon", sent to check the Romanian Nun's suicide, uses the same logic in its rational horror trailer. The primary character, sister Irin, was strolling on a dim lobby with just a single gas light to give light on its way. The camera transforms it into foyer. When the camera goes back to it, there is a worthless nun standing some feet behind it.

The film's distributor, Warner Bros. Pictures representative, did not immediately respond to the comment request.

It has been a year of counting for offensive material on YouTube, although most of the disputes are about content uploaded on the site - not what ads they play before. At the beginning of the year, YouTube Logan Paul exploded a dead body in the Japanese forest, resulting in the reach of premium advertising revenue from YouTube. A week ago, YouTube prohibited gathering Alex Jones totally from the discussion for abusing its Community Guidelines, which included confinements on detest discourse and provocation.
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